How Do I Get Orbital?

You can only get Orbital with the purchase of products in the Cisco security portfolio.

Secure Endpoint

Orbital is available for customers with Secure Endpoint Advantage.

Orbital allows you to query endpoints for detailed information wherever you have Orbital deployed. Secure Endpoint Advantage customers can deploy Orbital automatically if your endpoints already have a Connector installed. See the Secure Endpoint Console Secure Endpoint Console Help for the most current Connector version and other important information.

Orbital is bundled with the Secure Endpoints Connector package for both Windows and macOS. The Connector will deploy Orbital when you enable it in a policy.

Enable Orbital

If your endpoints already have a Connector installed, then you can simply enable Orbital in an existing Secure Endpoint policy for your endpoints.

Note: If you disable Orbital in the Policies page it will disable the service but will not uninstall it. Enabling it again will restart the service.

How to Set Up Orbital with Secure Endpoint

The Orbital endpoint agent (node) is automatically downloaded and installed when you enable Orbital in your Secure Endpoint policy. Ideally you will not have to download anything, but simply enable Orbital for your existing endpoints. If necessary you can download a Secure Endpoint Connector from the Secure Endpoint Console.

You can enable Orbital for any existing policy. For example, if you have 1000 computers in your Protect group, simply enable Orbital on that policy and it should be dropped to your 1000 computers automatically.

If you want to use Orbital on a specific group of endpoints, for example, then create a new policy and group for this purpose. See the Secure Endpoint Console Help for detailed information.

Note: You can also access Orbital directly at

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