macOS Troubleshooting

The following information is specific to troubleshooting issues and errors that occur on an endpoint with macOS installed.

macOS Installer References

Installation errors will be displayed on the endpoints and recorded in the macOS logs. The best course of action, when troubleshooting installer problems, is to go to the endpoint with the failed installation and look in the orbitalupdater.log, for the cause of the failure. This can be done using Log Reports viewer in the Console application.

Orbital Installation Failed


Things to Check

Troubleshooting Tools

Various tools exist to help gather more information and help troubleshoot customer issues with Orbital, which are described in this section.


The first thing you should do in the event of an error or warning is to check the logs.

Secure Endpoint Diagnostics

The following items inside a remote Diagnostics bundle from the Secure Endpoint Console can help troubleshoot Orbital:

Note: The macOS node package is

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