Alerts, Errors, and Warnings


The Catalog query detail pages include information boxes where appropriate.


Orbital Service (Node) Not Installing

If you see Orbital installation failure events on the Secure Endpoint Console Events page with specific error code messages, and the Secure Endpoint Computer record shows “Orbital Activation in Progress”, but Orbital does not appear on the endpoint after some time, then check Troubleshooting for possible remediation steps and additional information.

403 Unauthorized Query

The Orbital Service may restrict queries to a set of prepared queries documented by the UI team. This is a defensive measure to prevent misuse by clever users who reverse engineer the API from the browser.

400 Invalid Query

The Orbital Service will signal 400 if a query was invalid, providing a JSON object whose errors field will be a list of error objects.

500 Query Expired

If the user specifies an expiry for the query, the Orbital Service will signal if it ran out of time while processing the query. This may occur when no expiry is specified, due to a built in query time limit. The user interface should not retry these requests more than once.

500 Query Failed

The Orbital service will signal 500 query failed if a query failed due to reasons outside of the user’s control. The user interface should not retry these requests more than once.


The Catalog query detail pages include warning messages when appropriate, such as when a query has the potential to return a large amount of information.

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