System Requirements

Orbital can be automatically deployed by Secure Endpoint Advantage customers, using Secure Endpoint Connector version 7.1.5 or later for Windows, Connector version 1.16 or later for Mac, and Connector version 1.17 or later for Linux. In order to deploy Orbital, the Secure Endpoint user must be assigned the role of admin.

Cisco XDR or SecureX Admin Users

Orbital has only one user permission profile, write. A user assigned the write profile can log on, create queries, and read the query’s results. Anyone who is an Cisco XDR or SecureX admin automatically gets write access to Orbital.

Cisco XDR or SecureX users assigned the admin role can grant non-Orbital users in their organization the necessary rights to use Orbital, such as creating queries and viewing the results of those queries. These access rights are granted using on the Users page of the Administration group, as shown in the figure below.

User Settings Page

Supported Platforms

Orbital supports the following 64-bit platforms:

Note: Apple Silicon is supported when running macOS 11 or newer.

Note: Orbital’s support for the different operating systems listed above, depends upon Secure Endpoint connector’s support of those same operating systems. Please refer to Secure Endpoint’s documentation for more information on the supported Secure Endpoint connector versions for your system(s).

Supported Browsers

Orbital supports the latest version and one prior version of the following browsers:

Network Connectivity

Computers running Orbital need access to the following servers over port 443.

Proxy Support

Orbital supports the use of proxies for all operating systems (i.e. Linux, macOS, and Windows). Proxy settings and policies are set when defining the Secure Endpoint policies.

Note: Orbital does not support the use of SSL proxies and will not function if the proxy is configured for SSL decryption. It is recommended that Orbital network traffic not be subjected to SSL decryption.

North American (NAM) Customers

Orbital services and data for the Americas resides in the United States, and may be contacted via the following hosts:

European (EU) Customers

Orbital services and data for the EU resides in Germany, and may be contacted via the following hosts:

Asian and Pacific (APJC) Customers

Orbital services and data for APJC resides in Japan, and may be contacted via the following hosts:

More Information

For more information, please consult the following:

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