Orbital Results

When you run a query or script, their results will be listed in the Results page. The Results page is an aggregated overview list of all of the results from the all of the queries and scripts that have completed or are actively running.

The results for queries and scripts are discussed further in the topics Query Results and Script Results.

Expired Results

IMPORTANT: Remember that results are only retained in Orbital for 48 hours. If the results are expired past that point, you cannot retrieve the results. This is why the data is sent to a data store, so it is available after the expiration date. Refer to the Managing Your Remote Data Storage Definitions section of the Remote Data Stores topic for more information on managing your remote data stores.

If you need to see results that are expired, you will need to recreate the scheduled query or script with a new name, or recreate the query or script and save it.

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