Quick Start Guide

This first example illustrates how to run a live query on endpoints in an organization in order to gather information from them. The process is straightforward: first, enter or choose the endpoints you wish to query (you can also select a random sampling); next, construct the query - the question - to ask of the endpoints. Orbital includes a robust catalog of pre-existing queries that you can use, and then edit based on the results.

Step 1 - Select the Endpoint(s) to Query

Step 2 - Enter a Query

You can enter or paste a SELECT statement in the SQL field, but for this quick start exercise we suggest that you start by selecting a query from the catalog, to begin familiarizing yourself with this powerful resource.

Step 3 - Run the Query and View the Results

Study the results and the SQL statement to learn how to edit catalog queries and write your own SQL to follow your investigation wherever it leads. You can edit the query and click Run again; the results will refresh.

Step 4 - Schedule a Query

Queries can be run on the fly as live queries, or you can create a Scheduled Query to save and run on a scheduled basis, with the results sent to an application or data store of your choice.

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