Orbital APIs

Orbital offers a simple interface for applications that lets them schedule queries and collect the results. All Orbital APIs expect and return information formatted as JSON, and require basic authentication using a client ID and secret generated by an Orbital user.


All of our API examples use HTTPie and JQ, and the following environment variables:

Orbital Service Addresses

The following DNS names are the addresses of the Orbital service. (All APIs are available on TCP port 443 via HTTPS).

Request ID

Note: Every API calls returns a response header that can be used to troubleshoot the request.

X-Orbital-Request-Id: 0def5acd-2336-8d85-c7e6-471b7dd67519

Orbital’s Script API

Important Note: The information presented in these topics relate to the Orbital Query API. For information relating to Orbital’s Script API, refer to the documentation located at https://developer.cisco.com/docs/orbital.

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